About Kim Shaw

Hi, I’m Kim, thank you for taking the time to visit my wedding photography website.

For the last 15 years I have been a wedding photographer covering Shropshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire, but I also travel and have covered weddings from Cornwall to Northumberland!

Being based on the border of the three beautiful counties of Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire, I am extremely lucky to have a fantastic selection of beautiful wedding venues nearby that I photograph at regularly.  My style is relaxed, simple and elegant, which gives a timeless feel to my photographs.

‘Kim Shaw Photography’ was born from my longstanding love for capturing a particular moment so it can be kept forever.  From my early teens, you would find me with a camera in my hands at family events, days out with friends and holidays – some of these photos I still cherish to this day!

Things were very different in those days, I used to take photos on a little pocket instamatic film camera, then progressing to a 35mm manual film camera.



Cheshire Wedding Photographer - Kim Shaw Photography

For many of my formative years, along with a group of friends I used to spend pretty much every weekend from April to October camping on a beautiful beach in Cornwall.  During these weekends I would take many photographs and on a Monday I would take the film(s) to the chemist to be developed and have an excited wait until I could collect the developed photos on a Friday.

Each Friday night we would all sit around the campfire on the beach and laugh whilst looking through the photographs I had taken the previous weekend, looking back at the photographs now they make me appreciate that they were such special times.  I used to spend a small fortune on developing back then but still don’t regret a penny of it as it gave me those moments back to keep forever.

After working in administration for a few years my passion for photography had never left me, so I decided to go to college part time to study photography where I passed all my exams with flying colours.  I then gave up my lucrative administration job and went to work for the minimum wage for an established photographer, where I learnt the art of wedding photography.  Because of these decisions I am now lucky enough to be a qualified, experienced, full time principal photographer with my own wedding photography business.

After trying different types of photography, commercial, weddings, portraits, lifestyle, children, pets and newborns, I decided that weddings was where my heart truly was, so I decided to concentrate on wedding photography and became a wedding photography specialist.

Now 15 years later, I have a wealth of experience in photographing couples’ wedding days and providing them with a high level of customer service as well as great images, quality wedding albums and products.  Over the years many of the couples have become friends and we still keep in touch which is really lovely.

As I do not outsource any part of my wedding photography or editing, to ensure I give all my couples the service they deserve, I only photograph a maximum of 25 full day weddings per year as well as a small number of half day weddings.

I like to get to know all of my couples on a personal level, therefore, it’s only fair that you know a little about me too.  So here are some fun facts about me!

  • I come from the West Country…. which you may be able to tell when you talk to me by the give-away twang in my accent (which I don’t think I have by the way!).
  • I got married in 2005 after a whirlwind romance!
  • We used to have a very intelligent house rabbit who would sit beside the fridge when he wanted some baby sweetcorn and the cupboard when he wanted breadsticks.
  • It took me 14 years to talk my husband into having a dog … persistence really does pay off as now we have Cockapoo sisters Wilma and Mabel.
  • We love travelling, and Mexico is our favourite relaxing holiday destination (so if you’re getting married in Mexico, I’m in!), but we love to go to the Far East if we are feeling a little more adventurous!
  • I’m a really fussy eater – but love a good roast dinner!
  • I am a Nutella loving chocoholic.
  • I love Twiglets but don’t like Marmite.
  • I really cannot drink water – I loathe the stuff… even having a number of sessions with a hypnotist couldn’t make me drink it!
  • I drink far too much fizzy pop (without ice).
  • I rarely drink alcohol but am partial to the odd glass of Bailey’s (with ice) or Southern Comfort and Coke …. full fat Coke …. never diet … and definitely no ice!
  • My friends and family say I am far too generous for my own good!
  • I love weddings and love my job.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do the work I do.
  • I regularly go on photography training courses to keep up with new trends and techniques.
  • My family and friends are everything to me and one of my favourite aspects of my job is being able to meet so many amazing couples and their families who often end up becoming friends.