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Wedding Pricing Information

The cost of a wedding photography package shouldn’t necessarily be the first question that you ask. But understandably, it is the most obvious one.

The first question you should really ask yourselves is “how important are our wedding pictures to us”? That said, you will only know the true value of your wedding images after those special moments of your big day have been and gone.


Wedding Albums

I am a great believer that your wedding images should be presented in a beautiful wedding album.  

Albums have come along leaps and bounds in the last decade, but you can still open up a wedding album from 70 years ago and see the photos in all their glory. It can also be passed down from generation to generation. I have my own parents’ wedding album, they were married in 1948. Their wedding album consists of 10 mounted photographs tied together by a piece of twine. Those 10 photographs mean more to me than I could ever explain.

This is what makes a beautiful wedding album stand out above digitally saved photographs. A physical book of your big day’s images, available at an arm’s length, allows you to go back and relive your special day at any time.

Fortunately, we are in a digital age where you can store your images on a USB or on your computer or mobile device to view them at leisure and reprint them if you wish, but you don’t get the physical, ease of access as you do with a wedding album. It’s a lovely, sentimental gift to you and the many future generations of your family.

However, I understand that not everyone wants an album an that’s why I offer a digital only package as standard and the wedding albums as an additional item should one be important to you.




FROM £950.00*

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Winter & Off Peak Deals

Are you getting married on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or any day between October & March? If so, click here to see what special offers I have available to you for your off peak wedding. I also offer half day wedding packages in the winter and at off peak times too!