Contemporary Wedding Photography in Wrexham

Achieve classical and contemporary wedding photographs with the personable Kim Shaw

Professional wedding photographer in Wrexham

Hello there, my name is Kim Shaw, a professional Wrexham wedding photographer.

My focus is centred around your happiness together. As an award-winning wedding photographer in Wrexham, I have a passion for catching the moment that two people become one.

Fun and positivity are at the forefront of my work. We will come together to produce and create a gorgeous wedding album with these elements.

By choosing my wedding photography services in Wrexham, the process will be made simple and easy.

Work together to forge an unforgettable wedding album

From the first moment we meet, we will strike a chord together. So much so that my previous couples have become friends in the future.

My personable approach helps to craft wedding shots that do more than simply show off the event of your special day.

Wedding photography with myself will look to create a storyboard of your whole day; focusing on the minuscule elements that make it unique and your own.

Capture the most important elements of your wedding in Wrexham

Emotion cannot be seen floating in the air, but it can be captured through photography.

A little smirk or smile; a sarcastic look or a knowing glance; the realisation of the formalities and the forthcoming dance moves.

It’s ready to be frozen in time by a wedding photographer that loves what they do. This is evident in my work at Kim Shaw Photography.

Choreography or candid. It’s controlled by me but guided by you. Together we can make your wedding album and collection look just how you dreamt it.

A wedding album to cherish for life

Wedding photography in Wrexham

I enjoy wedding days and the excitement that can be felt from start to finish.

From the nervous makeup and preparation through to that first dance, it all contributes to the momentous occasion.

Combining my expertise as a fully qualified wedding photographer, I will take the photographs that you will hold dear for a lifetime.

If you would like to see how my previous work has highlighted the emotion and feeling between couples on their special days, take a look at my portfolio.

The process of booking me as your wedding photographer

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Meet up.

Then it’s the big day.

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