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Some helpful tips when choosing a wedding photographer

Everyone has a budget for their wedding and different priorities on where that budget should be spent.  However, one thing to bear in mind is that there are two tangible things left after your special day is over and those two things are the rings on your fingers and your photographs.  Memories fade but your photographs are your forever reminder of your dress, shoes and accessories and how beautiful you looked in them, your partner and how fabulous they looked all dressed up ... maybe like you have never seen them before - or will again.   Your guests all dressed up in their finery for your special day.  Your chosen venue and how gorgeous it looked with all your decorations and flowers. The look of love in your partners eyes when you say the words 'I DO'.  

Are your wedding photographs high up oon your list of priorities

If photography is not a priority and a few out of focus, blurry and poorly posed photos from your friends mobile phones that are plastered all over social media may seem a good idea at the time but what about in years to come; if you are lucky enough to have children of your own or when loved ones have sadly passed away, this is when your beautifully presented wedding album full of stunning expertly shot and properly posed images becomes something that is priceless.  My parents were married in 1948 and I have their wedding album.  Things were very different in those days, a photogrher would turn up at the church with a roll of film with 12 shots available (two rolls of film if you were well off). Even though my parents are still with us those images are priceless to me already ... imagine how I will feel about them in years to come.

If wedding photography is important to you, and you feel as I did when I got married (before I was, or even thought about being a wedding photographer)  'what is the point of spending thousands of pounds on my wedding and then scrimping on a photographer to record it all'  below are a few things to keep in mind when you are chosing your photographer:  

A family friend who has a nice camera, a student studying photography, or someone who has a full time job and shoots weddings at the weekends does not a professional photographer make! Not saying these groups of people are all bad photographers at all, but please beware, cheap is rarely best and with wedding day photography there are no second chances ! Wedding photography isn''t just about the images, it is also about the person taking those images.  You need to like them and feel comfortable with them as they will be spending your special day with you and if you don't really like them (as maybe they were really pushy when you were looking around for a photographer and you only booked them as you couldnt get away if you didn't book them , or they are 'telling you 'what you are going to have' photography wise on your wedding day or if you feel they talk to much or too little or you can't put your finger on it but you just don't feel comfortable with them) If you do feel any of these then don't book them as you won't enjoy the photography experience and get the images that you want.

Is the wedding photographer experienced in shooting real weddings in their own right

Unfortunately, I am seeing an increase in photographers who are using images from training courses on their website, their stands at wedding fayres, in their advertsiements or on their business cards or other marketing literature.  The images will be taken at stunning venues and all be fabulous as the couples will have been set up for them to photograph and they will have been told what settings to use on their cameras and at what angle to take the images.  I can spot training images a mile off but you may not be able to.  A couple of give aways ....... are the couples wearing wedding rings, is the groom wearing a buttonhole.? If you are looking on web sites or facebook pages are there 'WOW' images of the same couple but no other photos of their wedding, are all of the other images shown of other couples up to the same standard ? If meeting the photographer always ask them where the images were taken and have they got any ceremony images, family group shots or images of the speeches they can show you of that wedding.  The thing is ...... anyone can take a great image if they are told what settings and angles to use and is given time to perfect the image  BUT  can they replicate that standard of work when they are not being coached and are under the time pressures and weather constraints of a wedding day!  When you are taking into account all the things that are going on on a wedding day it is more difficult than you may think!  If they are honest about the images being taken on a training course, or being an assistant at weddings that is great as you are fully aware, but always ask to see images that they have taken at weddings they have shot as the principal photographer.  

Also check if the majority of the photographs shown are of people looking towards someone else and not looking at the camera as this may be a tell tale sign that the photographer was not the main photographer of that wedding and they may have been the assistant photographer.

Do they have back up equipment of the same / similar standard to their main equipment so if they have an accident with their equipment or it is stolen can they still shoot your wedding? (I do)!

Do they have a contingency plan if they are taken ill or not able to shoot your wedding for an unforseeable reason (i do) !!

If they use 2nd photographers are they fully experienced photographers in their own right who have shot many weddings in their own name (mine are) !!

Lastly, ask if they are fully insured (I am),  and ask to see their insurance certificate..  If they don't have insurance my advice is not to book them.

You need your photographer to be insured and up front and honest.

It all goes towards backing up the saying ..... 'good wedding photography is not expensive, but bad wedding photography is an expensive mistake'

If you are looking for your wedding photographer then why not make an appointment to come and see me, it's a free of charge, no obligation to book consultation.  I'll pop the kettle on for a brew and have some biscuits and you can make yourself comfy on my soft sofas and tell me about your plans for your special day, talk to me about your photography requirements and spend some time looking through my sample albums (of real actual weddings ... no training images, mock up weddings or styles shoots ) and decide if I am the photographer who you would like to capture the memorable moments of your day.

All my wedding collections include:

Pre-wedding consultations.
Unlimited number of images taken on the day.  
A private online gallery. 
A beautiful storybook wedding album or a USB of the images from your wedding day (some collections include both ....... and a second photographer!!)

Photography on the day can include coverage from the bridal preparations through to the start of the wedding breakfast, and include the speeches, the first dance and the evening party in full swing, or you can decide just to have part day coverage, I can tailor this to suit your requirements.

Optional extras include
pre-wedding shoots (unless you book the top package where it is included),
signing books or signing boards (with images used from your pre-wedding shoot),
a 2nd photographer to capture additional elements / angles during the day. (although some collections include a 2nd photographer as standard)
framed images and boxes of prints.

A reduction in the prices of certain collections are available for week day weddings Monday - Thursday  (but not including Bank Holidays / Christmas & New Year weeks) and subject to availability of course.

Whatever option you decide to choose you can be confident that you will receive the same exceptional quality of service from a fully experienced and insured wedding professional. Why not contact me so that we can discuss tailoring a package exclusively for you!

Please see my Prices page for more detailed information of my wedding photography packages


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